Gold: Old Money in New Skins

Since the financial crisis, investors and central banks have once again increasingly placed their focus on the price of gold again. The paper argues that this development can be explained by the loss of confidence in the international monetary order and the underlying credit money system. Gold has a 2,500-year history as money and during this time has seen all government and money systems come and go. Gold can also regain an important role as a currency in the future. Marius Kleinheyer of the Flossbach von Storch Research Institute explains.

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About Flossbach von Storch

Flossbach von Storch is one of Europe’s leading independent asset managers with more than EUR 70 billion in assets under management and over 300 employees. The company was founded in Cologne in 1998 by Dr Bert Flossbach and Kurt von Storch. Clients include fund investors, institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, and families. 

All investment decisions are made on the basis of the company’s own world view, which is based on the critical analysis of economic and political contexts. As an owner-managed company, Flossbach von Storch is not bound by the guidelines of a bank or a corporation.